Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Q 1: Who advancing to the test?

Q 2: The test management?

3 Q: When and where is the test held?

Q 4: What is the purpose of providing the national test of the English language?

Q: 5. What are the skills that are measured in the test ?

Q6: What are the required mark for admission to the master's and doctoral programs?

Q7: Can more than once the test?

Q8: What should I bring it to the test?

Q9: How long is the test held?

Q10: when and where to register for the test?

Q11: Can you register and take the test at the same time?

12 Q: If I finished part of the test ahead of time, you could move to another part?

13 Q: What do you do if you have an answer in the wrong place?

Q14: Can you answer a survey and rewrite it again?

15 Q: How and when can I get a test result?

16 Q: How long does it take to finish the test?

Q 17: core competencies for the exam?