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Los Angeles province honors Dr. Amal Naseer

The Los Angeles honoring Dr. Amal Nassir help President of Yarmouk University and director of the Center for Languages which handed the city a certificate; to highlight the bright image of Jordanian women and their representation in many areas, as well as for its efforts in the field of education in Jordan, and the ceremony was attended by the Jordanian community, Dr. Hashim Al Sayegh, and so on the sidelines of the visit to the United States of America the kind invitation of the Jordanian community there represented the Jordanian club to southern California to participate in the celebrations of community, national holidays, and give a lecture entitled: Jordanian women in the past and present, and Dar wide debate between them and the audience about the role of Jordanian women and their participation in public life, and reputation Jordan in America in this area, expressing pride in the community and the homeland of the Hashemite leadership.

She called Dr. Naseer Jordanian and Arab community to send the needs of their children to learn Arabic or reinforcements to the Center for Languages Yarmouk University for excellence in its programs, and the willingness of the center to provide special programs according to the needs of students.  

She also met with Dr. Naseer on the sidelines of the visit of Jordanian women in America at the kind invitation of the Jordanian Women's Association in the US who also Qmn honoring ceremony held in her honor at the heel discussion on many issues dear homeland, and look forward to his service in all areas.

Dr. Naseer also met with the representatives of a number of American universities calling for student exchange between American universities and the University of Yarmouk, send their students to the languages Yarmouk University Center to learn the Arabic language to non-native speakers to know the center and its programs outstanding, the most important University (Mont Clare) which is one of the most important universities US help as she met with President Dr. Salama Shaker expressed its appreciation to the University of Yarmouk due to its reputation, and its willingness to share experiences and students with her.