Level (1) Beginning Arabic

This level is designed for beginning students with no prior experience in the language. Level One covers the writing system and phonetics and phonology (pronunciation, including intonation and stress) of Modern Standard Arabic, before introducing the fundamentals of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Language skills are built gradually with repetition, through a focus on the most common words and fundamental structures of MSA. The Beginning level enables students to read and write simple sentences and express themselves orally in simple dialogues.

Level (II) Lower Intermediate

The Lower Intermediate level is designed for students who have achieved proficiency in pronunciation and can read and write simple sentences in Modern Standard Arabic. Level two aims to develop and expand proficiency in the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, in addition to introducing fundamental topics in Arabic grammar. All areas of the language are emphasized through the study of short authentic texts and audio-visual materials on a variety of subjects, including: basic Arab culture, social and historical topics, religious texts from the Quran and Hadith, and short stories. The Lower Intermediate level aims to enable students to comprehend short authentic written and audio texts, write brief compositions on basic topics, and engage in interactive discussions in areas of daily life.

Level (III) Upper Intermediate

This level aims to strengthen proficiency in the four language skills and expand acquisition of vocabulary through longer, more detailed texts on specific topics: Islam, tradition stories and folk tales, pillars of Arab culture and society, etc. The Upper Intermediate level also introduces students to interviews, articles, and broadcasts from Arabic news media. In addition to a deeper grasp of the four language skills, level three seeks to lay a strong foundation in Arabic grammar through a survey of important grammatical topics in Modern Standard Arabic.

Level (IV) Advanced

The advanced level is designed to add depth and complexity to a student's grasp of Arabic in all four language areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Level four uses long authentic texts from literature (short stories, poetry, autobiographies, and essays) and news media (magazine articles, broadcast media, and electronic materials). Students engage in detailed discussions and compose essays in response to the topics presented in the aural and written texts, acquiring a diverse vocabulary and employing a variety of transition words and idiomatic phrases. The Advanced level reviews basic grammatical structures and studies more detailed topics of Arabic grammar contextually, taking practical and functional examples from the written texts.

Level (V) Arabic for Special Purposes:

Level Five of the AFL Program is designed to meet the specific needs of interested students, and studies the language as it is used in Islam, news media, business, political and diplomatic contexts, etc. This level requires a strong foundation in Arabic and achieves a depth of focus through extensive reading and listening of a variety of detailed source materials.