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In order to send students to the center of languages, a delegation from the Chinese province of Ningxia visiting Yarmouk

Search President of Yarmouk University Dr. Rifaat Faouri with the Director of Education Department in the Chinese province of Ningxia Gong Chauvet and his accompanying delegation prospects of academic and cultural cooperation  between the two sides, in preparation for the signing of a scientific cooperation agreement between the two parties.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Faouri welcomed the guests, stressing the desire of Yarmouk on strengthening cooperation with various Chinese academic institutions as part of the leadership of the two countries went to open communication and cooperation between them in various scientific, economic and cultural fields channels.

He added that the Yarmouk and from the moral and ethical duty to spread Islam and the Arabic language expresses its readiness to receive a group of trainees at the Institute of World Languages ​​Chinese Bnagshea to study the Arabic language to non-native speakers in the program prepared by the Language Center University specifically for Chinese students, pointing out that the Yarmouk enjoy a distinct experience in the field teaching Arabic to non-native speakers on a global level.

For his part, he praised Dr. Gong high scientific reputation enjoyed by the Yarmouk at the regional and international levels, stressing the desire of the department for cooperation with Yarmouk in all scientific fields, especially in the field of the study of the Arabic language to non-native speakers.

During the meeting, the signing of a scientific cooperation agreement between the two sides intended to receive trainees from the Institute of World Languages ​​Chinese Ningxia within the training program in Arabic Language Center was prepared specifically to train students on the translation into Arabic.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and administrative, quality centers, Dr. Ziad al-Saad, Dr. Jamal Obaudolh, Dr. Joseph Oboualts, and a number of officials in the Department of Education in Ningxia Chinese Province, Assistant Director of the Language Center, Mr. Osama Al Azzam, the Director of Public Relations and Information Department Mr. Bassam Aldalghemona.

It has the status of languages ​​actively communicate with stakeholders in the Institute during the past few months to identify their training needs and prepared an integrated study plan for this program by (180) descriptive hour for three months, includes courses in reading, conversation, listening, writing and grammar, translation, in addition to holding extracurricular activities cover the scientific, cultural and social needs of students, as the center will work to secure language partners of university students in order to encourage Chinese students to enroll the university environment, and the local community.