Success Stories

Studying Arabic as a foreign language in the Center.

Many of the students in each year from around the world non-Arabic speaking comes to the language center to learn the Arabic language to non-native speakers. Italian Arturo students learn Arabic for a year at the Language Center and then returned to his country of Italy to pursue his academic studies.

After completing his postgraduate studies and obtaining a doctorate decided to return back to the language center at Yarmouk University for advanced courses in the field of Arabic language, where the center in coordination with the Department of Arabic Language in this regard.

He says Arturo he returned to the center of languages and Yarmouk University as a result of the great experience and distinctive style to the teachers in this area where the language has improved dramatically, and because of the comfortable atmosphere tuition-dependent ways an unconventional approach to teaching Arabic as a foreign language, as well as the city of Irbid comfortable environment and the kindness of its people.