1. Level One (upper beginner): for beginners who do not have any background in  Arabic language.
  2. Level Two (lower intermediate): for students who have passed the audio system stage of reading and writing Arabic which included basic structure and sentences based on the four skills of: reading, listening , conversation and writing.
  3. Level Three (upper intermediate): continued development of students’ four skills mentioned above while enriching their vocabulary through Quran verses addressing various fields.
  4. Level Four (Advanced): Students continue to be introduced to subjects from contemporary Arabic and Islamic cultures and civilizations, in order to become acquainted with modern language methods used in the media and to be able to work with literary prose texts.
  5. Level Five (Arabic for special purposes): This level teaches Arabic for special purposes. Students are taught to understand and be understood in Arabic within different contexts such as media and Islamic religion.

Two: Special Arabic language courses for individuals and small groups of non-Arabic speakers:

To serve special needs and tailored to students’ needs, these courses are held upon coordination between students and the centre.

Three: Arabic language courses for special purposes for individuals or small groups:

These are designed specifically to meet students' individual needs.

Four: Special programmes:

Many international agreements have been signed with the Language Centre at Yarmouk University establishing its extensive prestigious international academic acclaim, including:

  1. Virginia – Yarmouk Universitie's Summer Intensified Programme for Arabic Language where students from varied language levels can enroll from many institutions and universities in the United States. This is one of the most important and oldest established programmes in Jordan and the area.
  2.  A combined programme with the American CET institution – Washington.
  3. Special programmes with American Universities including: Bridgewater State, Richmond, Arizona, Mississippi, Connecticut, Texas Alpasso, West Virginia, Wayne and others.
  4. Arabic language programmes for academic purposes for students from Malaysia, Brunei and elsewhere. 
  5. A combined programme with Busan University/ South Korea.
  6. A combined programme with Kokushikan University/ Japan.
  7. A combined programme with Aix-en-Provence University/ France.
  8. A combined programme with Bremen University/ Germany.
  9. An Arabic programme for Canadian diplomats.
  10. Jordanian Ideas Academy.

The Languages Centre has attracted students from all over the world including: Turkey, Italy, Japan South Korea, Malaysia and the United States of America whether they were funded scholarships or self-funded.
The centre also teaches Arabic language university requisite courses to non-Arabic speaking students.






  • Attracting programs of teaching Arabic Language to non-native speakers.
  • Holding an international conference on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers on regular basis.
  • Establishing a professional Diploma program for teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers.
  • Holding training courses for teachers of Arabic Language for non-Arabic speakers.

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