Director's message


  In this year, we are lightening the forty-second candle of goodness, giving, and achievements in the Language Center that was established shortly after the birth of Yarmouk University on the generous land of Irbid in the morning of a bright day of 1979 of the days of our beloved Jordan.

 The role of the Language Center has been preparing and executing educational programs in two main realms: Arabic for speakers of other languages and the university's compulsory English language and Arabic language requirements programs. Then, as of 1984, the Center began preparing Arabic language programs for speakers of other languages and executing them through various international agreements held by the Center with universities and international, governmental, and private academic centers. These programs gave the Center and the University an internationally distinguished reputation in this field.

In this regard, we should not neglect referring to the active role of the Center for ten decades in preparing and executing international and national English tests, convening training and teaching programs in this language, and developing the proficiency test in the Arabic language for speakers of other languages.

And as we have a speech in the history record of the Center, we have the honor and pride of everything that was performed by everyone who worked in the center to serve the university and the country. And that every achievement we have gained so far was and has been the outcome of a hard work of a generation after generation of sincere people who devoted an important part of their lives to contribute to the establishment and durability of this distinguished scientific edifice.

Despite the many challenges we are facing, we have geared our efforts to make the Language Center a distinguished and exemplary academic center locally, regionally and internationally, and to contribute to the development of the quality of education and training according to the highest international levels. Our special specific vision in the Center is to make it distinguished in programs for teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages so that it would become the best Center in the Middle East, which in its turn would contribute to spreading our special message, transferring Arab and Islamic civilization to the world in a sincere and distinctive manner.