A 99 : Arabic Language Skills 1/ Follow- Up

Textbook: Lessons in Arabic (99)
Description: This course addresses literary texts from different literary periods in history. It focuses on historical phases related to texts, text analysis, text interpretation, appreciation of texts’ artistic beauty in addition to the discussion of some basic linguistic skills
Course Objectives:

This course helps students to:        

  1. Understand vocabulary and meanings.
  2. Read literary texts correctly.
  3. Become familiar with different literary periods in history.
  4. Use linguistic skills.



A 101 : Arabic Language/ Follow-Up

Textbook: Lessons in Arabic, Abdul Hameed Al Aqtash& others
Description: A(101) is a course that introduces students to a varied selection of literary texts from different literary periods, explaining and analyzing them while also ensuring their correct reading. It addresses basic skills in eloquence including: structural styles such as commands and query, use of imagery and its different forms such as similes and metaphors, many grammatical aspects especially the grammatical roles of sentences and finally, it presents language morphology particularly derivatives and root nouns.
Course Objectives:

This course helps students to:            

  1. Develop their ability to address and appreciate literary texts, to analyze and read them correctly.
  2. Recognize structure devises such as queries and commands while enabling students to understand their proper use and meaning.
  3. Distinguish between sentences that have grammatical role and others that do not, while enabling students to define this grammatical role where it exists.
  4. Identify root nouns of words and derivatives, develop student skills in distinguishing between them while also aiding students to perceive their importance in understanding desired meanings.
  5. Realize the difference between similes and metaphors, recognize the different types of each also  raise students' awareness of their importance.