National Exam instructions

National Exam instructions

  • Applicants for the exam to bring the document used to register for the exam (the Civil Status valid card or a valid passport) and so that the picture is clear and modern.
  • Once you enter the hall, you shall not leave, so please make phone calls and access to the bathroom, in case of need, before entering the exam hall.
  • Not allowed to enter any person who is not related to the exam hall to the exam.
  • Must shut down all cellular handheld devices (full closure and not put aviation) and delivered to the observers before starting the exam and any student caught with a cell phone is deprived of the exam.
  • It is to take preventive measures include advanced search for the exam in order to ensure the integrity and smooth functioning of the exam.
  • Be sure to keep the identity / passport your possession during the exam (placed next to you in order not to disturb you during the exam).
  • In emergencies, you leave the exam material (question-and-answer sheet) on the bench, just take your ID / passport and follow the instructions to leave the building.
  • If you have a complaint about today's test, you must provide for the management of the Language Center at the University of Yarmouk before you leave the exam center and the same day the exam must.
  • If it turns out that you (deprived) of the performance of the national exam, or you've got the required mark, it will not be allowed to perform the exam fees not be returned to you.
  • Fees will not be returned if the student is absent from the exam or non-attendance at the time and place specified above or violate any of these instructions, registration is in this case null and void, and if the desire to provide the exam again For the student to pay a new fee.
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