Why are we different?


Why are we different?


The reputation of the Arabic language program for speakers of other languages

The program of the Arabic Language for Speakers of Other Languages was established at Yarmouk University in 1984. It has a distinguished academic reputation at the local, regional and international levels. It has distinguished and experienced professors with high competence in teaching the Arabic language to speakers of other languages. The program annually attracts many students through local and international agreements with international academic institutions and universities, which have earned the center a distinguished international reputation in this field. This includes:

- University of Virginia - Yarmouk program

- A joint program with the American SET Foundation - Washington

- Special programs with US universities:

Bridgewater ‎

Richmond Arizona



Texas El Paso

West Virginia


- Arabic language program for academic purposes for students in Malaysia and Brunei

- A joint program with Busan University in South Korea

- A joint program with Kokushikan University in Japan

- A joint program with the French University of Aix-en-Provence

- A joint program with the University of Bremen, Germany

- Arabic Program for Canadian Diplomats


Multicultural Environment


Students from different countries enroll in the Arabic language for speakers of other languages from, such as: Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, the United States of America, Indonesia, Thailand, Senegal, India, Singapore, Britain, and others. This program is taught at the Language Center. The multiplicity of different cultures and nationalities in the Language Center in particular, and Yarmouk University in general, makes us a distinguished academic program locally, regionally and globally. Through the program, the students learn about the Arab and Islamic culture, and the Jordanian culture in particular.



Multilingualism in the Language Center is one of the features characterizing us. We provide communication services with international students, through qualified teachers and experts, and specialists in the foreign languages, in addition to the English language such as: French, German, Spanish, Turkish, and Russian for helping the non-Arabic speaking students complete their work and tasks easily. Irbid city (where the language center is located) provides the international student with unlimited opportunities to practice the Arabic language in its various contexts.


Levantine Arabic

Levantine Arabic holds a special position as a lingua franca in the Arab world. Most, if not all, Arabic speakers understand and use this dialect for communication, especially when individuals from the eastern and western parts of the Arab world interact. This prominence of Levantine Arabic can be attributed to its linguistic proximity to Modern Standard Arabic in terms of vocal, phonetics, and phonology. Its accent is also somewhat similar to MSA.


Language Partner

It is a program that aims to develop the linguistic skills of learners who are the speakers of languages other than Arabic. It subjects the students to life dialogue situations with partner students of the Arabic language studying at Yarmouk University, where they exchange experiences and talk about various topics.


Yarmouk University and Irbid City

Yarmouk University is strategically located in the city of Irbid, in northern Jordan. Irbid is one of the largest cities in Jordan. It is a city with a long cultural history, which qualifies it to be the Arab Capital of Culture in 2022. ‏

Irbid is characterized with its plain geographical nature, where olive trees, wheat fields grow. As for its climate, it is Mediterranean as most regions of the Levant; it is described as hot and dry in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter. Its residents are known for their high culture, interest in education and academic achievement; they are famous for their kindness, simplicity, and good reception of guests. Most of the city’s economy depends on the service sector, which is linked - directly or indirectly - to Yarmouk University in the city, shops, cafes, restaurants, publishing houses and Al Hassan Sports City. The city of Irbid is also characterized by moderate housing and daily living costs, compared to other cities (see Irbid entry).

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