The Language Center, which is one of the biggest scientific centers in the university, was established in 1979. It has three missions:

- First, teaching compulsory university requirements, Arabic (AL 101) and English (EL 101) to nearly 10 thousand students each semester. These courses aim at enhancing the language skills of students in these two courses. The Center also prepares and administers the Arabic and English placement test for students admitted to various university BA programs. Students who pass are exempted from taking remedial courses (AL 99) and (EL 99).

- Second, teaching Arabic for speakers of other languages through international agreements with foreign academic governmental and private institutions in countries like Korea, Thailand, and China in addition to Arabic programs for Malaysian students who are admitted to the BA programs in Arabic and Sharia. Those students are subjected to an Arabic placement test. Based on the students' results, they are assigned to different levels, where they are taught the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) which enable them to perform better in their majors.

- Third, preparing and administering the Equivalent Exam in English for students admitted to graduate programs. Students who pass, are exempted from taking Language skills course (404), and those who don't are required to take this 6-credit hour course.

The center also computerized the placement test as well as the exams of the compulsory university courses to quickly get the results and ensure objectivity in measuring students' performance and evaluate their academic achievement.

The Center hopes to develop the Arabic programs for the speakers of other languages and broaden its relations with local and foreign universities. It also works on reinforcing its status through condensing its activities that conform with the goals and philosophy of the university.

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