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The centre teaches compulsory Arabic courses including: “Arabic Language Skills:  1/ Follow-Up A99”, “Arabic Language 101” and all related courses that may replace them and introduced in the future. Courses are taught by faculty members holding PhD and Masters Degrees.




The Language Center is after being a distinctive academic center at the local, regional and global levels. It aspires to participate in the development of the quality of education according to the highest global standards. Moreover, our vision is to make the Center prominent in all teaching programs, particularly in the areas of teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic speakers. Furthermore, the center aims to be the best in the Middle East and to compete with the most internationally recognized programs in this field. Our broad vision is not only limited to just language instruction but also extends to be a leading research facility.




Our mission is to provide first class education and social services . This can be accomblished through different educational programs regarding comprehensive development that serve the society with talented, professional and distinctive trainees and teachers who are able to cope with the technological and scientific developments. Our specific mission is confirming the permanent and distinctive work by introducing and conveying to the world an honorable image of both Arab and Islamic cultures. Also, to provide opportunities to students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.




  • Stimulating the faculty, administrators, and technicians to make distinctive efforts.
  • Promoting the teaching process and developing teaching programs and courses.
  • Developing classrooms to serve the teaching process to the fullest.


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